Welcome to our customer support page.

Frequently asked questions:

1. In what colors can I order the EZ Tumbler Grips?

A: Currently we are only producing the grips in black.

2. I noticed my tumbler is making a thumping noise when running after installing the EZ tumbler grips. What can I do?

A: Please adjust the tumbler in the stand so that the top area where the lid attaches has a gap between the roller guide and bottom lip area where you inserted the EZ Tumbler grip.  The bottom of the tumbler (the side opposite where the grips were installed) should be against or very close to the guide bushing on its side.  This will give the front area the necessary room for the slight protruding grip so it won’t hit the guide bushing.  Please see picture below:

3. I have another question not answered here.  How can I contact you?

A: Please email us at for support.